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The time for a new Misty Gates videos has finally arrived and what a superb update it is. You get to see MIsty play with another babe once more and you will recognize her as the guest star from a past scene here that got to eat out misty’s pussy and ass for their whole play session together. Today she’s back in this luscious video to play with the lovely and horny Misty once again and the two bring you another superbly hot and sexy lesbian sex session together. Let’s get the show on the road yet again as we bet that you are superbly eager to get to see the hot and sexy Misty playing and getting wild with this other sensual and sexy babe!

Once more they get to go to misty’s room straight up and you can bet that on the way there, they did plenty of kissing and caressing while they undressed and by the time they were in her big and comfy bed, the only thing the two sapphicerotica babes were sporting on were their high heels and their sexy thigh high stockings. And we must say that they looked simply stunning too. See them start off with some teasing of one another’s lovely perky breasts while they finger their pussies, getting more and more wet for one another. We’ll leave the rest for you to discover and we bet you’ll have tons of fun seeing them have some juicy girl on girl sex sessions this afternoon!


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Misty Gates Pussy

Today, the naughty mistress of games is back with some more Misty Gates pussy shows for you. You know that Misty herself is a gamer too, and apart from spending her free time gaming and owning newbies in games, she also likes to work out and keep her sublime body in tip top shape too. That’s why she’s so sexy. And you also know that she likes to show off to you all, her fans when she gets horny and kinky too. Today she was playing her arcade cabinet version of the old Mortal Kombat and she started to get horny. Well as you will see, she soon stopped playing, in order to start pleasing herself and you can see her finger fucking herself fast and hard today!


Well she kinda wanted to get to have her ass penetrated too and since her sex toys aren’t really around this big room, she had to improvise, so check her out undressing first. She knows that you want to check out her superb body all nude too while she does the nasty stuff too. Once she does that, she uses her chair to get onto the machine and you can see her sliding the analog stick for the first player controls as deep as it can go inside her sweet pussy, and she teases herself even more while rubbing her clit. Enjoy the view of her moaning in pleasure while she’s essentially fucking herself with her arcade cabinet today. We’ll see you soon with more!

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Misty Naked

Hey there again everyone. Welcome back to more scenes with miss Misty Gates naked this week as well. As you know, we said last week that Misty here had some special treats for you and as you can see it wasn’t a lie. And it’s quite hot too, because as you can see She had on over a female fuck buddy of hers and toghether they were all set to dress up in some sexy outfits and then tease one another and play with each other’s hot bodies for the rest of the scene. So let’s sit back and check out one juicy and sizzling hot lesbian sex scene with Misty and her friend today as you get to see them pleasing one another for the whole gallery here without delay!

As soon as the scene begins, you can see that both Misty and her buddy with long, jet black hair make their entry wearing some pretty slutty and sexy outfits. They were basically bikini sets with some mini skirts and the dark haired babe was wearing blue with black, while Misty herself was sporting all pinks. Since she’s the star of the show you get to see miss Misty take off her panties first and bend over for her buddy, which starts to eat out her sweet sweet pussy. And ass too. So watch Misty moaning in pleasure while her buddy gives her some extra special treatment today. And you can bet that she did the same thing for her friend in the second part of the scene too!


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Misty Gates Whale Humping

Hey there guys, today we have a nice and sizzling hot Misty Gates whale scene to show you, or rather Misty has. Anyway, you know that she likes to get super kinky and wild sometimes and she just adores to shoot the whole thing so that she may show it off to you all too. This day in particular, since it’s the middle of summer, she wanted to have some fun at the pool. But all of a sudden the weather changed, so she had to play inside. Well her oils and her toys were all ready, and since she was horny, she wasn’t going to pass up the chance to get wild for you today. Let’s sit back and watch Misty as she rubs herself on and humps her inflatable toy whale today shall we?


As the cameras start to roll, lovely miss Gates here makes her superb entry as always. And she makes quite quick work of her clothes. And as she starts to apply that oil all over her amazing nude body, you can see the sexy lady posing sensually for you as well and showing off her body from every possible angle in her little scene too today. Enjoy the view of this here and then see her take her spot on her lovely pool toys. Watch her humping them and teasing you with her amazing body all throughout her scene today and do make sure to come back next week as well. Misty has some more special surprises in store for you just like always!


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Misty Gates Fucking

You want to see some more of Misty Gates fucking herself? Well you came to the right place as the hot teen is more than eager to get started and you are in for one hell of a show with her today. Let’s get things going and see miss Misty as she gets to be kinky for you, all of her fans, guys and gals alike once more. The busty and sexy little lady is horny as hell once more this afternoon and not only is she eager to get to play with herself, but she’s got some sexy lingerie to wear for the occasion too. Let’s get the show going and watch the sexy babe Misty fucking herself fast and hard with the aid of her masterful fingers today. We bet you’ll adore it too!

As the scene starts, you get to take a trip to her room as is the case sometimes. Well she wanted to be comfy so this was a given. Anyway, first things first, you get to see Misty showing up in her simply incredible red bikini set with pink frills and we must say that she looks just incredible. She takes a spot on the bed among all of her favorite comics and you get to see the adorable and cute babe getting more and more naughty as she soon removes her panties and puts on display that eager pink pussy of hers without delay. See her posing all over her bed as she masturbates for you and moans gently in pleasure as well. She’ll be back soon with more new scenes!


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Misty Gates video – Horny and wet

Hello again guys and welcome back! For today we have a special Misty Gates video that we think you’re all going to love it. In here Misty has thought about making a special video where she’s introducing herself to you. So sit back and watch her great work! We guarantee you that you are not going to be disappointed!

When the camera rolls, she’s starting to get you all familiarized with her work, her movies, videos and galleries. She’s got all kinds of good stuff, that we’re sure you want to see them all. Her shows, full of creativity, passion and sensuality will make you all go crazy. Her moves will make you all hot and turned on! You will see her playing with herself, humping a whale, getting naked and fucking herself. She loves pleasing herself, but she also enjoys pleasing her naughty friends. You’ll see that there are also moments when she’s having fun with her friends, kissing and licking each other. Thank you for watching this! As always we hope you liked our special video, and we’re looking forward to having you back next week for more great contents! Until then, you can visit http://lindseymarshal.org/ website and watch another cutie playing with herself!

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Misty Gates – Humping a whale

Hey guys and welcome! For today we have some amazing Misty Gates pics just for you! We promise you that you’ll not get disappointed, so just sit back and watch naughty Misty do her thing! Because she definitely knows how to make you all go wild! Her moves and naughty look will make you fall for her even more! So all you have to do is just sit back, relax and watch Misty humping this whale!

When the camera starts, you’ll see your favorite porn star entering the room, wearing nothing but her silky, beautiful skin.With sensual and delicate moves she walks across the room, making you all hot and horny without even realizing! She really knows how to turn you on ad she’s using all her seductive powers to make you want her! Soon you’ll get to see her humping a whale that she found just standing there in the corner. She starts moving back and forth on top of it, while touching herself, massaging her sexy, beautiful boobs. As always we’re glad that you could join us for this great show and we’re looking forward to having you back next week with more similar contents! Until then, don’t forget to stay tuned! If you wanna see some sexy European gals getting naked for the cam, join the ugotitflauntit.org site!misty-gates-humping-a-whale

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Misty and her toy

Hey guys and welcome back! This week we have a really great surprise for you and we’re positive that you’re all going to enjoy it! Here we have picked for you an amazing show from this great selection of Misty Gates videos! She’s going to blow your mind, so just sit back and watch this naughty girl playing with a vibrator!

We all know that this is a video that you’re all dying to see it, and something that you’ve been waiting for, for the longest time, but here it is, and Misty is ready and willing to show you that all this time was worth it! When the camera starts, you’ll see Misty sitting on the sofa, spreading out her legs, offering you a great, sexy close up to her delicious vagina. After a little bit of fooling around, playing with herself, she reaches for nasty vibrator, ready and willing to touch her clit! So here you’ll see her pleasing herself, while massaging and pinching her boobs, getting more and more turned on! She can’t get enough of it, so she rubs it against her hungry pussy, moaning in pleasure! Thank you for watching this and we’ll see you again next week! misty-gates-pleasing-her-pussy

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Naughty Misty Gates pics

Hello guys and welcome back! For today we have a special treat for you, some amazing Misty Gates pics, that you’re all going to enjoy it! Once again Misty has outdone herself, and we’re happy to show you her awesome performance! So sit back and let her do her thing! We guarantee you that you will not regret it! She’s going to rock your world! No doubt in our minds that she will, so watch Misty playing with herself!

misty-gates-spreading-her-legsWhen the camera starts, you’ll see this naughty girl entering the bedroom, gently taking her clothes off, with lust in her eyes and sensuality in her moves! After teasing you for a while, she’s approaching the bed, and delicately sits on these beautiful, white covers! Then she will start touching her perfect body, massaging her breasts, making you wish you were right there, next to her! After a while, when she has got you all hot and turned on, she’ll spread her legs wide open, revealing her delicious, pink pussy to you. With moves full of sensuality and desire she goes down between her sexy legs and starts touching herself. Slowly and gently at first and then increasing the rhythm, rubbing her wet twat and playing with your mind. She gets her fingers deeper and deeper inside, as she’s looking at you with passion and hunger in her eyes! As always we hope you enjoyed spending time with Misty and we’ll see you again next time for more special shows! Also you can visit sexypattycake.us site and watch another beauty finger fucking her wet cunt!

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Naughty babe playing with herself

sexy-misty-gates-playing-with-herselfHello, guys! We’re thrilled you could join us, cause today we will treat you with fantastic Misty Gates pics galleries, that we think you are all going to love! Once again we bring you your favorite star, Misty, playing and performing an awesome just for your entertainment! So all you have to do is relax and watch Misty rubbing her wet pussy!

This fine day, naughty Misty has thought about surprising you with something really special! Her moves will definitely make you unable to stop watching her, she’ll tease you and make you feel like you want to discover each and every inch of her perfect body! This stunning chick is looking just like the models from lunas cam galleries. She’ll gently get undressed, giving you enough time to check her luscious curves and her sexy boobs! She likes to fool around with her boobies, just like slutty Mya Luanna, and to take care of them and squeeze her brownish nipples with her fingers! After a while she’ll turn around, with her face against the mirror and her back to you, offering you an amazing view to her hot ass and pink pussy! She starts rubbing and inserting her fingers deep inside her delicious vagina! We hope you enjoyed Misty’s show and we’ll see you all again next week with more similar contents! Bye all!

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